LR FOBAS – Sample Collection Guide

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DO NOT USE this collection mechanism if the sample requires collection in SINGAPORE, CHINA, or PANAMA. For these countries please directly contact for assistance and collection.

On the form, all boxes with an * must be completed (except for postcode, in certain cases).

Boxes without an * are optional.

Start at the top left.

Pickup information

COLLECTION COUNTRY Enter the country where the sample is located. The “drop down box” will suggest countries as you type, click to enter. If your country is not listed please contact This information will automatically transfer to the shaded box in the right hand column.
COLLECTION CITY Enter the city where the sample is located. Use the English spelling of the city. The “drop down box” will suggest cities as you type, click to enter. Please be aware that there will be several seconds delay as the system tries to locate the city name in the DHL database. It is important that we match DHL's version of the name. This information will automatically transfer to the shaded box in the right hand column.
POSTAL CODE This box is optional because some locations do not use postal codes. Completing the box with the correct code will assist DHL in locating the collection address. This information will automatically transfer to the shaded box in the right hand column.
PICKUP DATE Enter the date on which you require the collection to be made.
PICKUP TIME Enter the time at which you require the collection to be made.
PACKAGE Enter the number of packages to be collected. Please note that a maximum of three (3) samples for each vessel can be transported as one package. If there are more than three (3) samples to be transported you will have to select “add another package”.
IMO NUMBER This must match the vessel's IMO number exactly.
VESSEL NAME This must match the vessel's name.
BUNKER PORT Enter the port where the sample was bunkered. Please be aware that this may not be the same port/city from where the sample is being sent. This field uses auto-complete with the names of ports in our system, so please start typing and pick one of the suggestions. Or you can ignore the suggestions and enter your preferred port name.

Go to top right.

Full collection information

COMPANY NAME Enter the full Company name of where the sample can be collected.
CONTACT NAME Enter the name of the person who can be contacted at this Company regarding this collection.
ADDRESS (line1) Enter the first line of the address. Use the following two address lines to add more information. This will help DHL to locate the correct collection address.
COLLECTION CITY This will be automatically completed when you enter the details in the left hand column.
POSTAL CODE This will be automatically completed when you enter the details in the left hand column.
COLLECTION COUNTRY This will be automatically completed when you enter the details in the left hand column.
PHONE Enter the telephone number of the Company or the direct line of the contact person.
AGENT’S EMAIL Enter the email address of the Company or the contact person.
REQUESTER’S EMAIL Enter the individual email of the person or vessel requesting the collection.
INFORMATION FOR DHL Add any other information that is important to DHL. “Pick up at Reception” or “Office closes at …” or “contact Steve on telephone number…”

Submitting a request

Check you have entered all the information correctly and click on the 'REQUEST' button.
If there are simple errors, an alert will appear and ask you to check and correct the information.
If there are no basic errors, the page will shortly update and show you the collection request information.

Please note:

  1. Postcal code is necessary for most locations, but there are some countries where DHL does not require postal codes. If a postal code is definitely required, an alert will confirm this.
  2. You may request the agent to indicate the requester’s email as your office or vessel’s email, so that either vessel or office will receive a copy of the shipment document as well.

Pickup Information

When and where would the sample be collected?

Please select an entry from the dropdown
after entering part of the city name.

For which vessel is this collection, and where is it bunkering??

Full Collection Information

* Required fields

Suggested pickup slot

The next page shows the pickup slot that is offered by DHL, given the details entered on the previous page.

Please check the information carefully because the collection date and time may not be the same as your request. This is because the collection will be made by the local DHL agency and they may not be able to collect on certain dates and times. When there's more than a few hours difference, a warning will appear above the pickup information.

If you agree to the date and time of collection offered by DHL, then click on the CONFIRM button to place a booking.

If there's a problem with the collection date or time, you can try a different date or else contact directly. Use the BACK button to go back to the first page. You may need to re-enter the relevant information.

Please review your sample collection details below and click confirm if you would like to proceed with the booking.

Warning: DHL's offered pickup time is more than four hours later than your requested time.

Pickup Information

South Korea

14 Jul 2023 at 10:00
14 Jul 2023 at 17:30

Queen Jessica

Agent Information

South Korea
Alpha Shipping
John Smith
Office C10, Jones Business park
Merchant Road
South Korea
+99 123 456 789

Confirmed pickup slot

The page will update and confirm that the booking has been accepted by DHL. It will show how many samples to be picked up, and give an approximate window for collection.

Three documents are generated for you to download and review. The DHL driver may require copies of the Air Waybill and MSDS information.

We use DHL's Paperless Trade service, so you should not normally need to provide a copy of the proforma invoice (a copy of relevant documentation would be already been lodged with DHL). If other conditions apply, this page will mention them near the top.

Both DHL and LRGMT will be automatically alerted of the collection, you do not need to contact them, unless you change the shipment date and time

You have now completed the booking process. DHL will now collect the shipment for transportation.

The shipment cost is covered by LR FOBAS, do not make any payment to DHL

Use the buttons at the bottom of the page to create a new booking, or return to the login screen.

Your pickup has been successfully requested.

Your 1 sample will be picked up on 14 Jul 2023 between 14:00 and 18:00.

We are using DHL's Paperless Trade mechanism for this pickup, so a copy of the relevant document has already been lodged electronically with DHL.
You do NOT need to print and include the Proforma Invoice below. Click on the button to see what has been generated for this pickup.

[previous info]

Confirmation email

The agent and requester will also receive an email notification regarding the Sample Pickup Confirmation. An example email is shown below. The email will also include the three generated documents from above (AWB label, proforma invoice and MSDS information).

Sample Pickup Confirmation

You have requested a fuel sample collection. Please find below the details of this collection:

Country South Korea
Collection City INCHEON
Collection Date 14 July 2023
Collection Time From 10:00
Collection Time Until 17:30
Number of packages 1
Number of samples 1
AWB 4980801206
IMO Number 9345543
Bunker Port Tangjin
Vessel Name Queen Jessica
Agent Company Name Alpha Shipping
Agent Name John Smith
Agent Phone +99 123 456 789
Address Office C10, Jones Business park
Address (line 2) Merchant Road
Postal Code 22313
Country South Korea
Instructions for DHL?

Lloyd's Register GMT Limited (FOBAS)
Telephone: +44 (0)1642 440991
Facsimile: +44 (0)1642 458537

Request for Sample Collection with help from FOBAS

If internet connection is difficult, or the requests procedure above is not working for you, please contact for assistance.

If possible, please complete a FOBAS Sample Collection Form (SCF) and forward it to An example form is shown below.

You can obtain an editable PDF document for the SCF form here: download SCF

Once the collection has been booked via DHL, if you supplied any email addresses then you will receive a collection notification as described above. This email will contain the AWB number and other documents you need.