Publication of ISO 8217:2024 and FOBAS FAQ's
Issued: 2024-05-30

Further to our last bulletin, please note that ISO secretariate has published the 7th edition of ISO 8217 and is now available for download.

Frequently Asked Questions on the application of latest international marine fuel quality standard ISO 8217:2024
Issued: 2024-05-30

This document has been prepared to address Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) from a ship operators’ perspective as marine fuel buyers on the latest version of ISO 8217:2024 (7th edition).

FOBAS Fuel Changeover Calculator
Issued: 2024-05-17

For many years, FOBAS fuel changeover calculator has been used by ship owners, operators, and other industry stake holders to estimate the changeover time from high to low sulphur fuel oils.


ISO 8217:2024
Issued: 2024-05-16

This bulletin is to bring all clients attention to the imminent publication of the new version of ISO 8217 and we will be updating again as soon as ISO secretariate uploads the final version of ISO...

Update on Mediterranean Sulphur Oxides Emission Control Area
Issued: 2024-05-07

This is a reminder to ship operators that on 1st of May 2024, MARPOL Annex VI has been updated with addition of regulation 14.3.5 referring to Mediterranean Emission Control Areas, officially came ...

Flash Point recording on BDN’s to become mandatory
Issued: 2024-03-06

Currently reporting the fuels flashpoint on BDN is not a mandatory requirement. However, from 1st May 2024, BDN must state the specific flashpoint value of the fuel

Update on Electronic BDN’s
Issued: 2024-01-19

The IMO have now confirmed that electronic BDN's are acceptable as an alternative to the usual hard copy. Lloyd's Register have now issued a class news bulletin regarding this.

Please find a bu...

Webinar Invitation - Optimising Compliance Under the EU's New Emissions Regime
Issued: 2024-01-12

The EU has set ambitious targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from shipping by 40% by 2030 and achieve net-zero emissions from this sector by 2050. To achieve this goal, a series of new regul...

Update on Fuel Contamination in US Gulf Area
Issued: 2023-12-18

This update follows our previous bulletin from July, where we highlighted problems experienced by some vessels after bunkering in Houston and New Orleans and some of the chemicals found in those fu...

IMO publishes interim guidance on the calculations of biofuel carbon conversion factor (CF) for IMO DCS and CII calculations
Issued: 2023-07-13

On the agenda of MEPC 80 which concluded last week, biofuels for marine use was discussed specifically in relation to defining the calculation methodology for biofuel’s Conversion Factor (CF) for I...


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