CIMAC publishes more documents to support adoption of ISO 8217:2024

Issued: 2024-07-05 | Category: Bulletins

Further to our last bulletin, please note that CIMAC WG7 (Fuels) has released a very comprehensive document titled Design and operation of fuel cleaning systems for diesel engines.

Similarly, CIMAC has also published a guidance document titled The interpretation of marine fuel analysis test results which is effectively a revision of the CIMAC WG7 guideline No. 02:2016.

Moreover, CIMAC has published important guidance titled Overview and interpretation of total sediment test results in the context of ISO 8217:2024. This document provides an overview of test methodologies for assessing stability and cleanliness of residual marine fuels through the interpretation of the accelerated total sediment (TSA), potential total sediment (TSP) and existent total sediment (TSE) test results.

Please find attached a bulletin which provides further information in relation to these documents as well as direct links to download them.