LR Issues Guidance Notes for Approvals and Use of Marine Biofuels
Issued: 2023-02-07

With the drive towards a decarbonised future gaining momentum, shipping has seen an increasing interest in renewable fuels such as biofuels. Many are considering biofuels as an interim solution.


Tracking the true carbon intensity of green fuels
Issued: 2023-01-26

As shipowners and operators look toward transitioning to zero carbon fuels, how can buyers of fuel that is sold as being "green" be assured that it was produced, transported and handled in a truly ...

Israel to introduce 0.10% ECA
Issued: 2023-01-19

There is an upcoming introduction of an Israeli domestic Emissions Control Area which will become effective from 23rd February 2023. Please find attached a bulletin which provides further informat...

Organic Chlorides in Singapore – CIMAC update
Issued: 2022-10-26

CIMAC has recently released an informative paper regarding the organic chloride incident in Singapore. Lloyd's Register FOBAS has a strong presence in the CIMAC working group, therefore we wanted ...

MARPOL Annex VI and the use of Marine Biofuels
Issued: 2022-08-15

Many ship operators over the last few years have been looking at the possibility of using one or the other marine biofuel grades being offered, however a major impediment to this biofuel usage in a...

Classification of Marine Fuels through BDN’s to Assess Emission Factor for IMO DCS & EU MRV Verification
Issued: 2022-06-06

Lloyd's Register recently released class news highlighting the importance of clear definition of the marine fuel grade bunkered. We would like to further elaborate on this from a fuel testing pers...


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